Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel
Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel
Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel
Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel
Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel
Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel

Fishing Reel 1000-7000 Metal EVA Grip Spinning Reel

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Product tested and recommended by Beef Baits Australia, 100% value for money and customer satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Brand Name: LINNHUE

Origin: China


Model Number: 0009415


Gear Ratio: 5.2:1

Colour: Black Red

Spool Size: 1000-7000

Max Drag: 8kg

Net weight(HK): 215g/217g/229g/232g/307g/311g/316g

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK1000: 0.15/180, 0.18/160, 0.24/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK2000: 0.15/200, 0.18/180, 0.28/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK3000: 0.18/240, 0.20/200, 0.34/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK4000: 0.20/240, 0.25/200, 0.37/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK5000: 0.30/200, 0.35/160, 0.40/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK6000: 0.35/200, 0.40/160, 0.50/100

LINE capacity(mm-M) HK7000: 0.40/240, 0.45/200, 0.55/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM1000: 0.15/180,0.18/160,0.24/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM2000: 0.15/200,0.18/180, 0.28/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM3000: 0.18/240,0.20/200,0.34/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM4000: 0.20/240,0.25/200,0.37/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM5000: 0.30/200,0.35/160,0.40/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM6000: 0.35/200,0.40/160,0.50/100

Line Capacity(mm-M) HM7000: 0.40/240,0.45/200,0.50/100

Product Features

+ 8KG Unloading force:Pulling 100 pounds of big fish is no problem.

+ High-strength body, Can improve the rigidity, torsion resistance and strength of the reel.

+ All metal oblique spool, fast outlet, easy further throw.

+ 8KG strong max drag, Braking force is even and not stuck, easily challenge big fish.

+ CNC metal handle,integrated molding technology, strong and durable.

+ EVA foam grip,Buffer, anti-vibration, moistureproof, easy to catch big fish.

+ Metal drive gear,Reduce gears gap, drive easily and without hindrance.



+ Max Drag:8kg

+ Gear Ratio:5.2:1


+ Package weight:0.4KG

+ Package including:1 pcs Reel a Carton Box


Q1: Use the left hand or the right hand?
A1: Universal for left and right, it can be adjusted by yourself.

Q2: Can it be used in saltwater?
A2: Yes, but it needs to be rinsed with plenty of water after use and dried.

Q3: Can I correct the wrong address after placing an order?
A3: We can modify the address before shipment, but we cannot modify it after shipment, you can check whether the address is correct before placing the order.

Q4: What should I do if I find that there is a problem with the product after receiving the goods?
A4: After receiving the goods, if you find any problems, you can contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Q5: How to get product information as quickly as possible?
A5: Contact us.