About us

BEEF Baits are the latest in soft plastic fishing, using Australian innovation (The Gerry Chamber) a hollow compartment moulded inside our soft plastic baits allowing anglers to add pieces or blended baits, scents or flavours used to attract fish, other fishing aid like small glow sticks to light up your BEEF lures or place a rattle inside to make vibration and sounds. You are able to use many different rigs with BEEF Baits, the chamber makes it easy to run a hidden lead from the nose to the rear of the lure to add a second single or treble hook. Weedless hooks also work perfectly, the hollow insides allowing more hook to be exposed when fish bite down on the lure. While other lure manufactures are designing better shape and colours to create a better lure BEEF BAITS have invented away for you to add the scent and flavour of whatever bait you want Herring, mullet, slimy, pilchard etc. With this new design we have created a hole new ball game in the world of soft plastic fishing. 

"Basically we've almost built a real live bait"


·       BEEF'S best feature is having the option to add pieces of any desired bait to attract any targeted specific fish species, for example, if your chasing Snapper simply cut up and add Mullet or Pilchard flesh and place inside the Beef lure, you now have a lure that not only looks like a fish and mimics its movement but it now has the same scent too. Before Beef Baits there was the option of using baits or lures, both have their advantages and now we have a product that combines these advantages. The bait stays in the lure until you choose to remove it but with every cast the lure releases oil and scent from the small holes on the side and at the rear of the lure leaving a scent trail and burleys the area fished with every cast tempting any fish.

·       You can make and add irresistible Burley or chum to place inside.

·       Use the chamber to easily rig a trace placing a second hook at the bottom rear of the lure.

·       The chamber is perfect for using weedless hooks, the hollow centre allows more hook to be exposed easier when fish bite.

·       Add extra weight by simply placing spare lead inside the hollow chamber, so no need to completely change lures if you realise that you need more weight.

·       Place a glow stick or rattle inside to help attract fish

Beef Baits can be used alone without adding anything and work just like other soft plastics but with our lures you have options, lots of option. This is why Beef Bait lures are the best soft plastics on the mark today. We are Australian made, owed and invented. Please remember to like us on Facebook